1. General regulations:

  • All actions must comply with current Vietnamese laws.
  • Agreeing to purchase products at the advertised selling price signifies mutual consent between both parties. 
  • Do not use offensive, inflammatory, or culturally inappropriate language on the website.  
  • All posted content must be accurate and based on information provided by the manufacturer. Do not advertise, promote, or engage in the buying and selling of prohibited goods and services. 
  • Do not provide information that distorts, defames, or slanders any individual or organization. 
  • Do not impersonate organizations or individuals or disseminate fake or false information. Do not interfere with or use software and methods that harm the website.

2. Quality of goods:

  • We have commitment and sales responsibility for the Biovegi.com.vn website. 
  • The specifications and product quality are as advertised on the website. 
  • We have a sales receipt and a warranty certificate. Prioritize the settlement of complaints, if any. 
  • The content complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and current laws.

3. For customers:

  • Do not use brand and product images of Biovegi to other parties.
  • Customers take responsibility for the authenticity of the information submitted for purchase. 
  • Pay on time according to agreement and chosen payment method.
  • Do not copy information posted from this website, from content to images and files,...