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Korean Mushroom Festival Event 2019 at Aeon Mall Long Bien, Hanoi

From March 30th 2019 to March 31st 2019 Biovegi Vietnam Joint Stock Company cooperated with the Korean Mushroom Growers Federation to organize the Korean Mushroom Festival 2019 with the aim of promoting and introducing a series of Mushroom products, Mushroom extracts, some various beverage products from fruit juice. The event is held in the West lobby of Aeon Mall Long Bien, Hanoi. In spite of being organized during only 2 days, the Festival attracted a lot of consumers to visit the booths and find out more about the products.

  1. Korean Mushrooms – Potential products in the Vietnam market

Human life is increasingly improved. Nowadays, people are more aware of protecting their own health. Mushrooms are not only a product with highly healthy and nutritional value but also a potential product to develop the Vietnamese market. Some typical kinds ofmushrooms such as Ganoderma Lucidum, Deer Horn Mushroom, Cordyceps, etc. Therefore, Korean Mushroom products attract a lot of consumers to consult and research. This is also an opportunity for Korean mushroom suppliers to approach the Vietnamese food market and bring the best products which ensure strict procedures for food hygiene and safety.

  • Below is the specific list of some typical mushrooms at the Korean Mushroom  Festival 2019

 Products from Rural Development Administration(Hans, Gamasil, Moon Sang Young) producer

– Deer Horn Ganoderma Lucidum

– Deer Horn Mushroom

– Immune Cordyceps

– Health Support Tea

– Cordyceps tablets

– Mushroom Cosmetics

 Products from Yeonchenon Cheonngsan Mushroom producer

  • Deer Horn Mushrooms
  • Mushroom drinks
  • Mushroom malt

 Products from Solum Biotech  producer (organic tea)

  • Thượng Hoàng Organic mushroom tea
  • Premium Gifft

 Products from Gyeonggi-do Mushroom Research Insitute producer

  • Black salangane Mushroom
  • White salangane Mushroom
  • Satari salangane Mushroom
  • Pickle Mushroom
  • Jang JoRim Mushroom

 Products from Korean Mushroom Growers Federation producer

  • King oyster Mushroom

 Products of Beonjiteul Mushroom Farm producer

  • Brown narcissus mushroom and white narcissus mushroom

Healthone products

Juice products of KFam

  • Pear juice
  • Juicetopia Kiwi+ Green grapes
  • Papa Zoo’s Pear + Platycodon grandiflorum

Products from  Jangheung Research Insititute For Mushroom industry producer

  • Vitamin D Probiotics
  • Axit forlic VitaminB12 vitamin D Probiotics
  • Rownheal balance

2. Activities take place during Korean Mushroom Festival Event 2019

At 15:30 pm on March 30th , 2019, the representative of the Board of Directors of Biovegi Vietnam Joint Stock Company – Ms. Ngo Thi Thu Hang – Director and Ms. Vu Thi Lan Huong – Deputy Director  and representatives of  Korean Mushroom Grower Federation cut the opening ribbon of  Korean Mushroom Festival Event in 2019. The cooperation of the two parties has an extremely meaningful impact on Biovegi Joint Stock Company and Korean Mushroom Grower Federation. The cooperation is has a strategic level and  affirm the brand of Korean Mushroom products with Vietnam Market.

Mushroom products are produced with modern technology lines from natural, safe and the best materials in order to convince and build trust among customers basing on the prestige and quality of products.

3. Product Trials

During the fair, customers can experience and try all the mushroom products imported directly from Korea. Customers highly evaluate the quality, design and nutritional value of the products. The main products include: drinks, fresh mushrooms, fermented mushrooms, cosmetics, functional foods … some delicious nutritious dishes  processed from various types of  mushrooms which customers have tasted like  mushroom seasoning, mushroom pizza, mushroom rolls…. Consumers will enjoy and directly evaluate the products.

Image 3.1 Customers learn and try mushroom products
Image 3.1. Customers try some mushroom dishes
Image 3.3. Giving free mushroom samples to customers

In order to show the gratefulness to customers who have come to Korean Mushroom Festival 2019, the Organizer give some free mushrooms to customers so that they can try and feel the taste and quality of Korean Mushrooms.

4. Some traditional and modern dancing performances

Image 4.1. Korean traditional performance
Image 4.2. Modern dance







Along with activity of introducing products at the event are special dancing performances, typically like Korean traditional dances with the national identity and exciting dancing performances, which boost the excitement and attract customers to Korean Mushroom Festival 2019.

5. Games at the Festival

The games at the Festival are also an indispensable part of the festival and the   consumers at Aeon Mall Long Bien take part in with a very positive and enthusiastic attitude. Some typical games such as: Choose the right price, Eating to discover game   (who eats the most mushroom noodles), Wheel of fortune, Chickens pick up paddy, Touch the name then guess the objects, Guess the names of the mushrooms ….. have brought a lively atmosphere to the festival. In addition to games for adults, children who come to the festival will be able to join and dance with their favorite songs. All children who participate in the games will receive children’s drink as gifts.

Image 5.1. Eating game
Image 5.2. Wheel of fortune
Image 5.3. Children dance with the music


Tất cả mọi người khi tham gia chơi đều dành được những phần quá hấp dẫn và có giá trị. Chơi và cháy hết mình theo tiêu chí “vui là chính, giải thưởng mới là quan trọng”.

Korean Mushroom Festival Event 2019 took place extremely successfully and received a lot of attention, trust and appreciation from Vietnamese consumers. Thereby, introducing all Korean Mushroom products as well as opening a safe mushroom market, ensuring consumers’ health. Biovegi Vietnam is the bridge bringing the best Korean products   to Vietnamese consumers. It is expected that after the mushroom products launch, all of the mushroom products will be sold at Biovegi store and promise to bring more experiences to Vietnamese market. Representatives of the Board of Directors of Biovegi Company and Korea Agricultural Association would like to give deeply sincere thanks to the attention and support of customers toward the products at the Festival.

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Korean Mushroom Festival Event 2019 at Aeon Mall Long Bien, Hanoi


From March 30th 2019 to March 31st 2019 Biovegi Vietnam Joint Stock Company cooperated with the Korean Mushroom Growers Federation to organize the Korean Mushroom Festival 2019 with the aim...

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