The shipping and delivery policy is the method of delivery applied nationwide, subject to changes based on agreements and different times. Including:

  • No additional fees are charged, only the original cost of the shipping unit is included.
  • The shipping time depends on agreements, geographical distance, and specific requirements of each order.
  • The delivery time follows the shipping process according to the commitment of the delivery service provider.
  • Ensure delivery of goods on time as agreed, except for other external reasons.

1. For retail/online customers:

Customers come to pick up the goods directly at the store or Biovegi contacts the shipping service providers to pick them up, based on the customer's needs (the delivery fee is paid by the customer himself).

2. For wholesalers:

Biovegi offers a variety of transportation methods in the inner city area: Motorbikes, minivans, and refrigerated trucks (for products that need cold storage or in bulk).

If necessary, customers can proactively visit the store to collect their goods.

3. For supermarkets:

Temperature-sensitive products (mushrooms, grapes, blueberries, cherries,...) will be stored in refrigerated trucks and transported flexibly in the downtown city, Di An District (Binh Duong province),....