1. Inspection regulations

Inspection involves checking and comparing the products received in the package from Biovegi with the products ordered by the customer.

Before receiving the goods and making payment, you have the right to inspect the product but not to test the goods.

Please open the package to check to ensure that the order is delivered in the right design and quantity as the order ordered. Do not try the product.

After agreeing to the delivered item, you pay with the delivery staff (in case the order is shipped COD) and receive the goods.

2. Scope of inspection of goods

Customers can visually examine the actual products received and compare them with the ordered products after Biovegi's staff confirms the order based on criteria such as quantity, product code, size, color, and more.

Note: The inspection will not include deep testing (trialing, ...).

3. Handling steps when the goods, received are not as ordered

When you check your order, if the received product does not match what you ordered, please contact the sales staff directly to verify your order.

If the goods received do not match the customer's request, the customer has the option to refuse receipt and withhold payment. In case payment has already been made, the customer can request a replacement order, and Biovegi will promptly arrange delivery of the new order.

If the order has been packed correctly as requested but the customer changes their mind, they can request a return according to the return policy. In this case, the customer will be responsible for any shipping costs incurred.