1. For retail/online customers:

When purchasing directly at the store, please check the invoice, money and product quality thoroughly at the counter before leaving. The store does not accept complaints/returns once you have received the goods and left the counter.

In case of online purchases, please carefully check the quantity and quality of the product when receiving the goods, if there is a problem with the product, please contact the store on the same day for return support.

For cases where there is an issue with the product inside (not detectable during external inspection), please contact the store for exchanges. Return period is within 1-2 days, and the product must be kept refrigerated.

2. For wholesalers and supermarkets:

Purchase directly at the our warehouse:

When purchasing directly at the warehouse, customers are kindly requested to thoroughly inspect the product quality before leaving. The warehouse will not address any complaints regarding product defects after the goods have been shipped. Customers, once they have inspected and taken delivery of the goods, cannot request exchanges or refunds under any circumstances (for any issues, please contact the salesperson directly responsible for the order).

For home delivery case:

Customers are advised to inspect goods upon receipt. Both parties will inspect together, and if products are found defective, they will be replaced or adjusted in the next shipment. Once goods are received and signed for, no returns or exchanges will be supported for subsequent issues with faulty goods. (For any issues, please contact the sales representative directly responsible for the order). Customers within the province can exchange or return goods within 24 hours of purchase.

In case the third-party shipping company delivers the goods, customers should inspect the items before accepting them. If the product is damaged or faulty (with images and videos of the unboxing), it can be exchanged or returned on the same day. The customer bears the shipping cost. Allowable loss rate: 1-10% for all types of purchases.